Character Analysis: The Waterfall In Lo Valley

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The Waterfall in Lo Valley
The year was 1954, Dan and Kendra had only been married for 5 months. They had been living in Waterloo, Iowa for 2 months when Dan was deployed to Vietnam. He loved being in the army because he was able to protect and defend his country. He only disliked when he was deployed because he didn’t know whether or not he would make it back home to his wife, but he knew what could happen and his wife told him that no matter what she would love him. Him joining would be a good thing in the long run she persisted. Now Dan and Kendra will have to wait until he comes back home to try anymore to have children.

The enemy decides to move in and fast, so the united States needed to work fast and get people out there to save the others. Kendra had been having so weird pains and had been puking a lot, so she went to the doctor and found out she was pregnant. She wanted to tell Dan but he was gone so she wrote him. Dan was so eager to get home to her that he tried to help the General make decisions. They were all good decisions, but the General told Sergeant Rogers to make the call because it was his troops out there fighting in the horrible conditions. Rogers made the call to proceed with Dan’s ideas. “Alright logi. You had better be right about this …show more content…

Dan had his things ready for about a month now. He walked to the helicopter and checked it over for any things that could go wrong, filled the gas tank, checked the oil and started it so that it would be ready for the rest of the troop to climb into it. The boys in all over their gear. All of the copters lifted off the ground as if magic and went their separate ways and all of them had an easy fight, they finished their mission and went back to their base and left. All but Dan and his troop. The enemy and found out about Dan’s troop still being out and ran to the hill side to try to disarm

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