The Trauma Screening Questionnaire ( Ptsd )

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The client is a twenty-year-old Caucasian female, presenting for medical care one month after a serious automobile accident. She appeared well groomed with good eye contact. The client presented with a euthymic mood as evidenced by her calm voice, friendly nature, and straight posture. The client displayed coherent speech and a logical thought process. The client was oriented to people, the date, and the location. The client was screened for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to the severity of the automobile accident. The PTSD CheckList – Civilian Version (PCL-C) was conducted in a private office, which allowed for a quiet atmosphere. The client is currently a college student studying business. The client reports good grades and flexibility from her professors since the accident. The client was hit by another vehicle traveling at high speeds through a red light. The client was taken to the hospital post accident and sustained internal injuries. The client continues to report physical pain. The Trauma Screening Questionnaire (TSQ) asks ten yes/no questions concerning an individual’s reaction to a traumatic event. The questions are specific to the symptoms the client has experienced at least twice in the past week. The client indicted that she has experiences difficulty concentrating at least two times in the past week. The client denied difficulty with concentration before the accident. The Life Events Checklist asks the client to indicate if they have

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