The Treachery Of Cain And Abel In The Book Of Genesis

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My treachery is so rotten you can smell its stink in heaven. Cain’s mark is upon it because just as he killed Abel in the book of Genesis, I have killed my brother. I cannot pray even though I really want to. My guilt overpowers my intentions. The things I want to do oppose each other, I want forgiveness but I want to keep my role as king. So I stand here, inactively, not starting anything and disregard them both. So what if my cursed hand has my brother’s blood on it? Doesn’t heaven have enough rain to wash it clean as snow? Isn’t God’s mercy for those who have offended him? Afterall, doesn’t prayer have two purposes--to prevent sin and to bring us forgiveness when we’ve committed sin? I will pray. I have already sinned. But is there even

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