The Treatment Of Elderly Abuse

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Treatment of Elderly abuse
The types of treatment available to the victims of abuse will vary depending on each individual situation and type of abuse received; some of the most common forms of abuse come in the form of verbal and mental abuse. According to Martin (2014) working with adult victims remains very unpopular therefore treatment present a challenge in the human services field, some of the recommended intervention strategies included but are not limited to are the following.
When any type of abuse is suspected, reported or discovered immediate resources must be made available for the victim, Saleebey (2008) recommends that practitioners must recognize in all clients are members of a community, have the potential to overcome
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1265) In the individual counseling sessions the victim would benefit from various types of treatment that would focus on their experience thus allowing the victim to re-gain some of the dignity and confidence that was lost during his abuse.
According to Lachs (2004), support groups or in a group therapy, the victim will be linked with a group victims that experienced similar abuse and by interacting with each other the will regain the feeling of not being alone. Often time’s victims feel as if they are going through their struggles alone this can be magnified in the elderly because of the lack of support from family and friends. By attending group therapy or a support group the victims find themselves with other victims and have the potential to build relationships and form a stronger support community amongst themselves.
Types of Prevention
It hasn’t being too long since the Government has taken notice of the grave situation plaguing the elderly community, studies such as the ones conducted by UC Irvine and the NCPEA have granted the public a front row sit to the abuse the elderly is constantly exposed. In the 1974 the government created legislation authorizing the creation of Adult Protective Services (APS) an agency that function as a human services based agency. It is
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