The Treaty Of 1783 ' S Essay

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In the 1780’s a treaty was signed in Paris on September 3, 1783, it brought the American Revolution to its successful conclusion. The American negotiators consisted of Benjamin Franklin and John Adams amongst others, they ended up winning under good terms for the new nation. In this win its independence is not without reservation and it is agreed frontiers. The coastal strip of the thirteen colonies is now added to the entire region west as far as the Mississippi and north to the Great Lakes. The same area that was bitterly fought over between Britain and France earlier in 1754-60. The land was seen by the colonists as an immensely rich area available for westward expansion. The treaty of 1783 opened doors to obtain the thirteen united colonies as a joint entity and that made their independence internationally recognized. Being that the colonies have described themselves as states, the United State of America was formally in existence, but how united was it and what form? These crucial questions dominated the 1780’s, my first attempt to answer this question led me to look at the thirteen states and the title articles of the Confederation. After researching I noticed that the articles treat each colony as virtually a sovereign state, making the task of congress- which I see played the role of the federal government almost an impossible task. It had no real power to demand either troops or funds from individual states. Having these problems caused widespread post war

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