The Treaty Of The United States Government

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The United States government as we know it today was not made in a day. It took four months to write it, and then an additional nine months to get it ratified. The ratification process was not easy though. The system was approved by the Federalists, who supported the strong, central power bestowed in the national government. However, they were opposed by the Anti-Federalists, who wanted more power to be given to the states. Both groups had papers written by people on each side, under the pseudonym of Publius for the Federalists, and Brutus for the Ant-Federalists. Publius was discovered to be a mix of Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, whereas Brutus was never discovered. In the final days of the ratification, the executive and judiciary system were discussed between these papers, finally with the Bill of Rights ending up as the final addition that pushed for the final ratification of the United States Constitution. Executive power was discussed thoroughly between the later Federalist papers. Hamilton knew that the Anti-Federalists fought against the new form of the Presidency. Hamilton said that the Federalists painted the President as “[having] been shown to [the people] with the diadem sparkling on his brown, and the imperial purple flowing in his train.” They had believed that the President would be become a monarch, and revert the country back to Pre-Revolution days. However, Hamilton wrote that there were safeguards put in place to protect from this. A
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