The Treaty Of Versailles And The World War II

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What better way to follow-up “the war to end all wars” then with what would become the deadliest war in history, thus far? Whether or not war, in general, is inevitable is a solid question but whether World War II could have been stopped takes the cake. The Treaty of Versailles was signed at the close of the first world war and dictated the terms of Germany 's punishment. It reclaimed land for Poland, France, and Austria as well as restricted Germany 's military to 100,000 men, six battleships and no air force among other articles. Between these restrictions and Hitler’s racial ideology gaining a following, did the world really expect Germany to stay silent forever? Hitler believed that the ideal German Empire needed to expand over central and eastern Europe and that the only way it could occur was by waging war on the Soviet Union. Many historians agree that World War II was ‘Hitler’s War’ and despite fair warning that his ideas would come to blows, nobody stopped it. The propaganda machine used by Nazi Germany helped to propel Hitler 's message out of Germany to the 27 million German people living outside of the country and began to funnel his anti-Semitic message internationally.
Wanting to avoid another war and believing the Nazi anti-Bolshevik propaganda, Britain and France believed that Hilter would be the one to save the world from Stalin and the Soviet Union. Believing that the Treaty of Versailles had been unfair to Germany, Britain and France were willing

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