The Trial By Franz Kafka

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When a person commits a crime, our modern government has a system in place in order for that person to be punished in a way that can be fair and just. This type of government is usually run by people who believe in a democratic system, where the decisions are made through a vote by the people in order to make sure the decisions made are fair and just to an extent. In the book, The Trial by Franz Kafka, the main character Josef K. is accused of committing a crime and put on trial by the state. Throughout the book, Josef K. was never told the crime he committed or what charges are being brought against him. This book was written in the 19th century, outside the United States, and has yet to be finished by the author do to the sorry fact that he died before finishing the book. In the following paragraphs I will use Fletchers, Basic Concepts of Criminal Law, to show that Josef K.’s trial was conducted in a substantive manner. Every country has adapted its own code of law in which the citizens use in order to provide the punishment to a crime committed in their area. Although the United States is a unified country, each state consists of their own version of the penal law code. Fletcher states, “ One consequence of codification is that every country goes its own way. Every country has adopted its own conception of punishable behavior, its own definitions of offenses, its own principles for determining questions of self-defense, necessity, insanity, negligence, and

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