The Troubles of Du Tenth

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The Troubles of Du Tenth

Today the equality between men and woman is closer then it ever has before in history, with women CEO’s and stay at home dads. This happened because of the strong woman in history fighting for the same rights as man, private property, creative freedom, and the power to use their intellect. Virginia Woolf is one of those ladies arguing that, “a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction." She believes that women are locked in some sort of intellectual prison and not being able to have money or privacy keeps them locked, unable to blossom intellectually.
“Du Tenth Sinks the Jewel Box in Anger,” by Feng Menglong, is a story about a women that grows up as a prostitute in China, she was controlled and owned by her Madam. The agreement in this case was along the same lines, as a slave owner would own a slave. She would have to buy her freedom. In Woolf’s era when a man and women would get married she becomes the property of that man, any money she makes is his and anything she had becomes his. This concept of ownership is what is holding women from progressing, becoming all they can be. Its like Capitalism, the right of free enterprise pushes us forward as a nation and expands our intellect competing with each other. If all the pay of your efforts went to someone else your determination wouldn’t be as strong. But it’s taken smart, strong, and determined women to get where they are today.
Du Tenth falls under, a very
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