The True Antagonist of Salem

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There are many characters to blame in The Crucible for the umpteen deaths of the innocent people who were hanged because of an enormous rumor going around Salem. Characters like John Proctor, who had an affair with Abigail, can easily be targeted as the antagonist. If Proctor was faithful to his wife, Elizabeth, the drama would not arise. He, however, had an affair with Abigail, who instantaneously fell in love with him and was desperate for his attention, which resulted in her wanting to get rid of his wife so that she can have him to herself. Proctor committed adultery, therefore he is an evident suspect. Additionally, Danforth can easily be blamed for all the chaos, as well. Danforth was very gullible and naïve, he constantly believed the hysterical acts Abigail and her friends kept displaying. As biased as he tried not to be, Danforth was power hungry and would not listen to the words of others, such as those of Reverend Hale or John Proctor, about the girls suppressing the truth and accusing others of witchcraft. Abigail’s group of friends is another important factor which added to the numerous deaths of the faultless residents of Salem. Her friends constantly followed her around, mimicking her actions and obeying her orders. They listened to everything she said, therefore the truth of what truly went on in the woods never escaped. Despite the fact that all these people could have clearly been accused of witchcraft and hanged, Abigail bears the ultimate responsibility
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