The True Cost Of Animal Experimentation Essay

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The True Cost of Animal Experimentation Imagine being held captive in an unnatural environment, alone and frightened, with burns and open wounds covering any and all exposed skin. On top of this, picture living in inadequate housing, being handled improperly which leads to serious injury, not knowing if and when the next meal is coming, and finally, not having access to proper medical treatment when required. Unfortunately, this is not an imaginary scenario for many species of animals worldwide today but a harsh reality. Animal experimentation is still a common practice among medical laboratories and cosmetic industries. These animals have no choice in the matter and, more commonly than not, are not treated properly in accordance with the standards provided by the Animal Welfare Act. Animal experimentation results in animals being hurt physically and emotionally, there is a lack of regulation, results found in animal trials are not always compatible with results found in humans, and finally, it’s an outdated practice as there are other viable technological alternatives. Animal experimentation should be outlawed due to sufficient harm done to animals, incompatible results, and alternate options being available. Animals unnecessarily suffer physically and emotionally in animal experimentations. Supporters of experiments involving animals argue that there are laws and committees in place at all research institutions to prevent the abuse and wrongful treatment of the animals,

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