The True Meaning Of A Hero

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To many the true definition of a hero varies. The true meaning of a hero varies according to the individuality of a person due to our uniqueness. A hero to some if not many, is a person who acquires courage, intelligence, strength, and has risked and sacrificed his life for the dignity of himself and the wellbeing of others. A hero bears the characteristics of a leader, by not only possessing physical strength but most importantly intellectual strength. A hero is also described as someone who lands in turmoil and danger, but unlike a noble person, a hero always survives. A hero somehow and inevitably overcomes any obstacle thrown at them. In this sense, Odysseus displays and acquires all of these characteristics to be considered a hero. Although, Odysseus faced many trials and tribulations of different severity all throughout his journey back home. Odysseus allowed absolutely nothing to stand in the way of his ultimate objective to achieve any of his goals, proving that he is indeed a hero. The job of a hero is to protect his or her family, friends, and their own life. Odysseus proved this factor to be true in the Trojan War. The Trojan War was fought between the people of Troy and the Greeks, whom Odysseus represented. Odysseus took a great deal of credit in defeating the people of Troy. He helped defeat the Trojans in the Battle of the Trojan horse. “...what a heart that fearless Odysseus had inside him! What a piece of work the hero dared and carried off in the wooden

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