The True Nature Of Homosexuality

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54. What is the True Nature of ‘Homosexuality’?
• First of all, even though some overlapping is possible, the Earth Humans basically could be categorized in three chief groups regarding their sexual orientation: heterosexuals, bisexuals, and homosexuals. Regarding the perception of own sexual identity, the picture is ‘bi-polar’, with blurred and ‘grayish’ deviations. Further, the most vocal representatives of ‘man-made’ science have no clue on the exact causes of sexual orientation, and by lacking the substantial evidence, keep on speculating in one moment favoring the advantages of the inclusion of genetic factors and in another moment considering the inclusion of social factors as a prevailing determinant. Once they get exhausted of debating, the third option gains in popularity, when they equalize both influences on the account of their overall similar intensity on the outcome within a complex interplay. Independent observer must point out the fact gross majority of unorthodox official scientists treat homosexuality as “normal and natural variation in human sexuality”. (Quote from unspecified & missing source)
Second, Terrestrial Man is aware of the significance the ‘same sex’ loyal, profound friendships, play in his/her life, and none is objecting the ‘phenomenon’. Both, the ‘constellation’ and the mental states surrounding the friendships are not ‘seen’ as clear ‘offshoots’ of Homosexuality due to ‘unawaken’ Consciousness in that direction. In fact, the ‘same sex’…
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