The Truman Doctrine Essay

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After the Second World War, American presidents began from Truman, had implemented a "global strategy", to against the socialist countries, prevent the national liberation movement and establish American dominance in the world. Implementing the global strategy, the United States conducted "aid" to manipulate other countries; set up military blocs; arms race, war invasion… In the implementation of "global strategy", the United States suffered many heavy defeats, particularly the war of aggression in Vietnam. On the other hand, the United States also made some attempts to disintegrate the socialist regime in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, based on military, economic, science - technology...
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It was first announced to Congress by President Harry S. Truman on March 12, 1947 and further developed on July 12, 1948 when he pledged to contain Soviet threats to Greece and Turkey. This doctrine, first used in Greece and Turkey in the late 1940s, vowed to provide aid (money & military supplies) to support “free peoples who are resisting outside pressures”. According to Office of the Historian website, by 1950, the U.S. had given $400 million in aid to Greece and Turkey. Truman doctrine opened the way to the United States for the expansion and dominance of the world after World War II. It publicly stated the "mission" of America in "leading the free world against the rise of communism"; facilitating the establishment of military alliances to encircle the Soviet Union and other socialist states; urge allies of the US to have arms race to prepare for a war to destroy the Soviet Union and the socialist…show more content…
Eisenhower continued to perform the Truman Doctrine, but added the Eisenhower Doctrine. It was a continuation of the U.S. policy of containment of or resistance to any extension of the Soviet sphere of influence. Then, almost every American president has set up a doctrine or measure to carry out the "global strategy", including Kennedy's strategy of peace (1961); Nixon Doctrine (1969); Regan Doctrine (1980)... (Son, 2010). Despite their different names, the policies were tough or temperate, and specific measures had different content, but the "Global Strategy" of the United States had consistently three goals: to prevent and then proceed to destroy the socialist countries; to suppress the national liberation movement and the workers' movement; and to control the allies of America. With any doctrine or measure, to achieve three goals above, the basic America's policy is based on the U.S. own
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