The Truth About Women 's Bodies

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My volume of choice was TIME magazine Volume 153 which was published from March through April 1999. One particular TIME magazine I chose to analyze and present was called, “The Truth About Women’s Bodies” because the title and the cover of the magazine really stood out to me and it made me curious to see what this cover story is about. This magazine was published on March 8, 1999 and the author of this cover story was named Barbara Ehrenreich, who is a best-selling author and a political activist. There were other major stories in this magazine that stood out to me as well because they were related to racism such as, “Prejudice? Perish the Thought” and “The Lynching of Emmett Till”. Based from these major stories, it seemed like people …show more content…

Therefore, I think it’s really important to research about authors and find out what kind of issues they are passionate about because then you’ll be able to understand the purpose that they’re trying to come across in their stories.
“Prejudice? Perish the Thought” was mainly about white people’s attitudes towards racism and how they can be in denial about being racist without realizing it. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, a conducted study has found that doctors were 40% less likely to order sophisticated cardiac tests for black people who complained chest pains than for white people with the same symptoms. Furthermore, the study’s authors stated that in life-and-death situations or decision about medical care, doctors tend to have an unconscious bias about gender and race. An African-American U.S. Surgeon General says, “Blacks are 40% more likely [than whites] to die from heart disease, and this could be one factor.” In other words, this study basically shows that even white people who are highly educated and humane can still have subconscious racist attitudes even if they don’t believe that they’re discriminatory people. Therefore, the title, “Prejudice? perish the thought” is more of a reaction when white people are in shock when minorities are complaining about the unfair

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