The Truth Always Set You Free?

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hat is lie? According to the dictionary the word lie is defined as; to speak falsely or utter untruth knowingly, as with intent to deceive. Lies can big or small but yet he more we tell the greater and larger the consequence becomes. As children we were told not to tell lies, that it is wrong and unethical. As one grows older we begin to realize that sometimes it is okay to tell a little white lie every now and then, but is that true? Well let 's define truth. The word truth means in accordance with fact or reality, accurate. And if it is true to tell small lies sometimes, when is the time to tell them. So keep this question as you read this text. Is a white lie okay sometimes, or should the truth always set you free?

Let’s start from the basics, we tell lies to avoid things, whether that thing is getting in trouble, hurting someone’s feelings, or nervousness and being afraid. Most people look at a lie as a way to make a quick getaway. Someone ask you something and you tell a lie and you think you’ve help yourself or even that person, but in all actuality all you’ve done is create a gateway for a web of lies. Lying is a like an addiction. One may tell a lie to save him/herself, and once they see that lie worked or was believable they continue to lie. And once you tell one lie you have to tell another to cover for that lie and then is spins out until you’ve made your web of lies. Lies are words that are deceitful, they are meant to deceive, whether that deceit is in good or

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