The Tuesday Wars Summary

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In the novel The Wednesday Wars, written by Gary D. Schmidt, the year is 1967, the year that the Vietnam War is still raging on. During this war period, a seventh grader named Holling Hoodhood attends Camillo Junior High in Long Island, New York. At Camillo Junior High, the school has two religions, namely Catholic and Jewish. Every Wednesday all the Catholic and Jewish students at Camillo Junior High leave to attend their religious classes elsewhere. Holling, on the other hand, is different from all his other classmates since he is part of a family that is neither Catholic or Jewish. Instead, Holling is part of a Presbyterian family. For this reason, Holling stays behind at Camillo Junior High with Mrs. Baker, his English teacher. Holling quickly realizes that Mrs. Baker doesn’t seem to be too fond of being left alone with him. As the Wednesdays come and go, Holling has been given more and more tasks to be done. Unfortunately for Holling, he is forced to get along with Mrs. Baker because his father sees nothing but his company, Hoodhood and Associates, to get the contract with The Baker Sporting Emporium, a major company owned by the Baker family. However, this isn’t the only conflict that Holling faces, nor is he the only one in his family who is facing challenging times. His elder sister, Heather Hoodhood, also has a rough year ,but with her father that pushes her beyond her limits. As the Wednesdays come and go, Holling was given more and more tasks by Mrs. Baker.
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