The Tuskegee Untreated Syphilis Experiment

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In 1946 to 1948 the United States, with the help of cooperating Guatemalan health ministries and officials, led a horrible experiment on innocent people infecting them with syphilis to see how effective peninsilyn would be in treating the disease. Doctors had infected soldiers, prostitutes, mental patients and prisoners without their knowledge or consent, and treated most but not all with antibiotics, primarily penicillin. About 76 percent of the nearly 1500 subjects infected with the disease were given adequate treatment and about one quarter of the test subjects had documents of completing the treatment process. This act was a direct violation of human rights, the experiment was conducted with a lack of consistency and respect of the subjects…show more content…
There have been many experiments in the past that have acquired useful research furthering the advancement of society all over the world that allow humans to understand more about what was previously unknown. However, there have been many tests done in unethical ways that are conducted with sinister tests that view the lives operated on as just data in an experiment. Examples of this are; the Tuskegee untreated syphilis experiment where the US government infected African Americans with syphilis and did not treat them with medicines to see if that would be a better resolve, the irradiation of African American cancer patients during the Cold War conducted by the pentagon to see effects of radiation on humans without their consent which led to multiple deaths from radiation poisoning, and the “doctor’s Trial” which was occurring in Nuremberg, during the same time as the Guatemala syphilis experiment, where 23 German physicians participated in Nazi programs to euthanize and/or medically experiment on concentration camp…show more content…
They operated on them without consent and treated them inhumanely. The Guatemala syphilis experiment shares many similarities with the Nazi experiments, yet the United States are not recognized by all with the same perspective as Nazi researchers were. Although they both infected and medically operated on people against their will, conducted experiments on people without telling them what they were doing, lied about their procedures to the test subjects, conducted experiments on people of different nationalities and race, and acted without consent so they could gather information for their own knowledge (which is mostly public knowledge
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