The Twin Towers

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The twin towers was a beautiful building that for people to live in. Until September 2011 when terrorists came and blew it up and then thousands of people died and families lost their loved ones in that blow up and now they know they will not get them back again. This is a day that no-one and the world will never forget because what happened there was terrible and horrific. On that day there were a lot of heroes that some people did not know that helped them. Tis attack shocked a lot of people because they didn’t know that terrorist were capable of doing this. This troubled America but most important it disturb the world because they what they saw on their was so horrific that they wished it didn 't happened. It was normal morning on September 2011 until I heard the big bang at first I looked at of my room to see what was happening and then I saw the bottom half of the twin tower blown up and there was a lot of smoke coming through my home and it was starting to get set on fire I started running out of my house everyone in my building because of what has happened someone came and asked me if I had any family member that was in that building and I said no and then she said I was lucky. When I saw the second tower was blown I was just angry about all those people in that building that had died and had been injured. I was thinking about the family loved one who are young like a little baby. I was thinking in my head why would the terrorists do this why would there god want

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