The Two Methods Of Surface Mining And Underground Mining

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Mining is what people use to extract minerals and ores, there are two methods that you can use that is surface mining and underground mining.
What is underground mining/surface mining?
Underground mining is what people use to extract hard minerals from underground some of those are Gold, Copper, Iron, Metal and Zinc, and many more minerals found underground. The two methods used for underground mining is cut and fill and room and pillar. Cut and fill is when the material extracted from underground is then used to fill another space. Room and pillar is when the ore is extracted in a horizontal line. There are two phases to extracting a mineral using the room and pillar method. Surface mining is when you find minerals either above the surface or on the surface in soil etc. The two most popular ways to do surface mining is open-pit mining and strip-mining. Open-pit mining is when you extract rocks from the earth’s surface in open pits, the minerals found using open-pit mining are Ores, copper and aluminium. Strip mining is when you get rid of soil and rocks above a layer of coal normally and you then extract the mineral, coal is the only mineral normally extracted using the strip mining method. Mining can be very dangerous and have been many accidents in the past, if you are mining you are told to wear a helmet, gloves, protective shoes, padding and eye protection.

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