The Typists Character Analysis

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The play “The Typists” is a play about a time in WW2 how these women’s who write letters to families whose sons have passed away when serving in the military and do not realize how things could be hard for them to know what would it be like if they were in their shoes and dreams. This was also the first theatrical play I have attended and to my surprise it was a great experience, so it also gave me an affective memory to what I was dealing with in my life. Though the production was excellent there were things that I enjoyed, and only some that I disliked as well. Hopefully this will help clarify my likings and disliking of the production The Typists. Starting with my dislike of the production, it came to my attention that some parts of the play where Sofi, the new girl who was always getting blamed whenever her boss did not like how she would type her letters in Spanish. In my opinion, the boss should not have gotten after for that reason since there are some families who do not always read everything in English. She initially thought if they have a Spanish last name she was being consider it on typing theirs in Spanish rather them suffer in trying to find out what was said in English. Another thing that I didn’t find interesting was when the all the girls in the office had a night out talking about their guys who were serving when they had a job to fulfill instead of Sofi. I had saw how much Sofi was working hard on her letters trying to impress her
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