The U.S. Invasion into Afganistan in by Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns

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A Thousand Splendid Suns takes place in Afghanistan from the 1960s to the 2000s when US invaded. Mariam is a young girl in the 1960s, grows up outside Herat, Afghanistan. Mariam has had different feelings about her parents. She lives with her spiteful and stubborn mother, Nana. While her father Jalil is a businessman, visits Mariam about once a week. Mariam hates not seeing her father and not being a big part of her dad’s life. She wants to live with him and his three wives, and her half-sisters in Herat. She tells him by asking to take her to see Pinocchio for her birthday. He doesn’t like it but he agrees, but then never shows up to take her to the movie. Mariam walks to her dad’s house, but he won’t let her in, so she sleeps on the …show more content…

Rasheed and Mariam help Laila get back to health. Once she is a stranger Abdul Sharif tells her the news that her lover Tariq is dead. Incredibly upset and knowing she is pregnant with Tariq's baby Laila marries Rasheed. Mariam is upset and mad at Laila's presence and doesn’t want to anything to do with her. But after Laila gives birth to a baby girl named Aziza. the women come together and become friends because of Rasheed's abusive, manipulative ways. After a few more years Laila has a boy named Zalmai. Then one day, after so many years of being sad and hurt by Rasheed Laila is completely off guard when she sees a man standing at her front door that she realizes is Tariq.

Tariq and Laila spend the day together while Rasheed is away at work. Laila and Mariam come to discover that Rasheed had hired the man to tell Laila about Tariq's death so she wouldn't run to find him in Pakistan. When Rasheed finds out that Tariq has come home, he begins to beet Laila and when she fights back he becomes angered and begins to choke her. So Mariam goes and gets a shovel and with that shovel Mariam kill is him by hitting him in the head. The next day Mariam sacrifices her life to the Taliban and is executed in a giant stadium in order for Laila to escape to Pakistan with her children and Tariq.

In Pakistan Tariq and Laila get married and at last start their dream life they’ve wanted for so many years. Over time Laila's children like Tariq and they

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