The Ubiquitous Computer

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III – The Ubiquitous Computer The miniaturization of processors, memory chips and other essential hardware has unlocked numerous possibilities for the potential usage of computers in everyday life. Computers take many forms and, while not always noticeable, have an ever increasing presence in today’s world. Wireless technology is becoming more commonplace, furthering modern computers capabilities and providing us with even more potential uses. The advent of this technology has made it possible for computers to become less noticeable and even function unseen while still receiving and emitting data. An increase in the usage of computers in everyday items has made computers a regular part of society – a fact that has begun fueling privacy concerns. Radio Frequency Identification chips are becoming more common as well. They are small and inexpensive, making them increasingly useful in numerous applications. Certain companies have begun using employee ID badges embedded with RFID chips in order to ascertain the whereabouts of its employee’s. This same technology can be found in several other devices, such as tags for tracking livestock, and in certain retail items in order to prevent theft. The wireless signals and location tracking abilities enabled by RFID chips have made privacy conscious individuals more concerned about the general usage of these chips in everyday products. Some worry that such technology will bring our society closer to a surveillance state, while others

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