The Ultimate Exploitation

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Only a few elite individuals are fortunate enough to play football or basketball at a division one university. Most people have a perception that these athletes are on full ride scholarships and can afford everything they need in college. Well this is incorrect; in fact these division one athletes have to pay to live comfortably, even though they are making their schools millions of dollars from their talents being showcased. They are being taken advantage of and a change must come. College athletes, who play football and basketball at the division one level should, be paid for their talents since the money and notoriety they earn for their school far exceeds the money they are given in scholarships. College football is a multi-billion dollar industry in which the sole generator of its profits are not paid. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) states “You are not eligible for participation in a sport if you have ever taken pay, or the promise of pay, for competing in that sport” (“Remaining Eligible: Amateurism” 2). The athletes are sacrificing their time and bodies for their school’s division one football team. To be specific, the eight major conferences which are the American, Pac-12, Big 10, Big 12, Southeastern Conference, and Atlantic Coastal Conference have an eight year contract with ABC worth 930,000,000 dollars to televise the Bowl Championship Series games. There are only five of these BCS games per year; each team that plays in a BCS game will
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