The Unabomber Case Study

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This paper contains a discussion of domestic terrorism in relation to the case of the Unabomber, also renowned as Theodore Kaczynski. This paper gives a brief summary about the Unabomber and describes how he made the bombs. It also discusses how the Unabomber operated his attacks against his victims who were majorly university lecturers and airlines as he advanced his ideologies against the technological advancements, which were ongoing in America. In doing so, the paper also discusses the relationship between the character and behaviours of the Unabomber and the present day domestic terrorism.
In summary, this paper defines the meaning of domestic terrorism, its causes, and the modes of operation of the domestic terrorists. Moreover, it contains
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Also, the internet has been found to have a role to play in creating terrorists. The causes of terrorism are widespread and variable (Krieger & Meierrieks, 2011). Many school dropouts become idle and are vulnerable to be recruited to groups, which have hatred for the government, a particular section of the population or group of people.
However, others also have the desire of fulfilling their life fantasies through violence. In the case of Theodore Kaczynski the Unabomber, his decision to become a terrorist was informed by the desire to extinguish the existence of scientific development and nothing more. He was a normal person who had studied mathematics and was well educated to understand that acts of terrorism are illegal and cause injury to people. It is difficult to understand that an educated person like him could engage in killing people without justifiable reason. This particular case appeared to have been triggered by insanity. It is a good example of how brilliant brains are misused by radicalized groups to cause harm to the people and intimidate the government through terrorist attacks (Sanchez-Cuenca,
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From this scenario, it is clear that domestic terrorism is unacceptable even by family members of those who engaged in it. Theodore was not living with his family but used to send them letters some of which contained his ideas and messages of hatred to technological advancement of the United States. Family is therefore an important source and support of information against terrorists and their attacks. The government should have considered this fact during the eighteen years to help them find Theodore, the then anonymous
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