The Understanding Of Health Assessment

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The understanding of health assessment in particular the use of focused assessment skills and considerations relating to all medical conditions is significantly important in the care of each and every patient. Focused assessment is used during the assessment of a particular body system in relation to a current problem or current concerns of a patient. (Mercy Thomas, Nursing Educator, Authorized by Bernadette Twomey, Executive Director Nursing Services 2014) Without health assessment patient care would lack crucially important aspects needed in order to discover what is initially upsetting or concerning the patient physically and/or mentally followed by the attempt to find a useful cure. The patient, James Saunders has been admitted to the ward with exacerbation of his asthma. His respiratory rate is moderately fast (tachypnoea), he is flushed, completes short sentences only as well as struggling with shortness of breath. James is moderately using his accessory muscles and on auscultation there is a wide spread respiratory wheeze. A asthma attack can cause a great affect upon ones respiratory system, immune system and nervous system (Centers for Disease Control, 2014) but most forwardly and importantly the Respiratory system is the location where the asthma is first found and from where it attacks. Asthma interferes with the respiratory system by causing a spasm produced by some form of allergen; it then constricts the bronchial passages and causes swelling and

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