Essay about The Unexpected: Detective Matt Cole

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Matt Cole. He had short wavy black hair that reflected the colour of the midnight sky and his eyes were the colour of rich dark chocolate with flecks of hazel that glinted in the moonlight. He had an oblong face with a prominent chin. Matt was known for his signature jet black coat that went just past his knees and sat perfectly over his broad shoulders. To match his suit, he wore a plain black tie; however he kept it covered by his dark navy scarf that he tied around his neck. As he walked, he kept his shoulders back and head held high; to some he was egotistical. But to the rest, he was a charmer. Matt was a private detective and had solved numerous amounts of cases. Occasionally, he helped the police in solving difficult cases. He had …show more content…

Firstly, Matt began conversation with the suspect; he started the interview lightly. He began to ask the suspect a few simple questions just to establish the character of the suspect. During this conversation, Matt began to note the characteristics of the suspect; was he nervous? Or was he confident? Using these characteristics, Matt began to manipulate this knowledge. Suddenly, Matt changed the subject; he noticed how the reactions of the suspect changed. The suspect then began to tell Matt their side of the story. Gradually, Matt began to analyse the suspect’s body language. His eyes darted from side to side. What was the manner in which the suspect sat; was their posture relaxed, or were they portraying closed body language? Matt could sense the fear in his suspect’s voice. Matt manipulated his fear to get the answers he needed and then he would come to a conclusion. This was the approach in which Matt took; Matt was observant. He noticed every little detail about his suspect and he would read them like a book. After the interview had finished; Matt rushed back home. Wickedly, Matt’s eyes glistened with malice at his reflection on the bloody blade. All of a sudden, his usual blank expression whilst questioning suspects appeared menacing; his face was cold and empty and he had the kind of face that you would never forget. The kind that made you feel insignificant with just a raise of his brow. His expression never changed. His eyes never

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