The Union Victory Of The Civil War

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After the Civil War ends, various region of the United States had gone through many changes. The Union victory symbolizes Abraham Lincoln had successfully united the nation. The North, South, and West region’s economics, government, and social development changed drastically. Some of the region 's economy were improved because of the railroad. In this time the United States was starting to improve their communication between regions. The federal government also tried to spread the population evenly throughout the nation by passing some law that benefited the citizen and persuaded them to immigrate.
The North region was the most impacted region after the Civil War in the area of Economics. They began improving their infrastructure …show more content…

On the other hand, women who stayed home tried to help the war by making fundraising to support the soldier. Without their contribution, the Northerners might have lost the war.
On the other side, South was in their darkest time. Their cities and plantation were destroyed which made their economic in critical level. They were unable to start their plantation because they have insufficient amount of labor, which caused by the freed of their slave. Some of the planters have tried to plant themselves, but many of them had failed and forcing them to gone in debt. However, black people who did not move to the North or the West has begun to made their own community. This has proven that black people were showing how they used their right appropriately and it was the start of their own civilization. They have made schools, churches, and institutions as spaces to do their daily activities. In addition, Abraham Lincoln had shown his support to the black people by signing the Freedman’s Bureau bill in 1865. The bill purpose was assisted freedmen in the south. It helps to unite the black people who were separated from their family because of slavery. The bill also helps to teach them how to read and write.
After the Civil War ended, the republicans were abolished and the Union won the government control. However, the peace did not stay for long. The United States then has new two political parties, which are

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