The United Fruit Company Outline

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The United Fruit Company Outline

Thesis: Through compensation to workers and connections with the government the United Fruit Company (UFCO) it became the great force of Latin America.

Introduction: “In 1871 the wholesale value of banana imports into the United States was less than $250,000; by 1901, the figure had jumped to $6.5 million” Banana Wars (49)
The United Fruit Company was a business in Guatemala that helped to build railroad transportation, hospitals and introduce the banana to the world.
“The vertically integrated United Fruit Company merged large banana operations in Latin America and the Caribbean, major railroad, port, and shipping facilities and a substantial U.S. fruit distribution.” Banana Wars (26)
Minor Keith, Lorenzo Baker, and Andrew Preston officially established The United Fruit Company (UFCO) on March 30, 1899 merging the Boston Fruit Company and Minor’s company together.
Minor originally specified in building railroads and transportation but got involved with bananas when he planted banana plants along his railroads for his workers to consume.
But the U.S. fruit company did have many controversies surrounding its name, involvement with the CIA in operation PBSUCCESS, exploitation of workers, and “banana republics”

What made up this financial giant?
The rise of this financial giant was due to the increase of production of bananas within the area. “
The fruit company began establishing plantations, transportation infrastructure, and work

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