The United Nations On A Team With Other Nations

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Acronym soup
• CIA: The central intelligence agency is an agency which infiltrates other countries and there doings.
• FRG: The family readiness group is a group which consists of family members helpers and soldiers that work within their own home town area defending and building it up to protect it from the enemy
• GDR: East Germany former German democratic republic.
• ICBM: intercontinental ballistic missile is a ballistic missile which reaches a limit over 5500km

• KGB: committee for state security the Russian version of the CIA.

• MAD: mutual assured destruction is when both sides use weapons of mass destruction which causes both sides to be wiped out.
• UN: United Nations which is nations on a team with other nations hence united.

• NSC: National Security Council is a group in the executive branch that counsels the president on matters relating to domestic, military, and foreign security.
• NATO: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a treaty which was signed in 1949 which bound countries together as allies.
• Warsaw pact: The Warsaw Pact was a defence treaty which bound together the eight communist states of central and eastern Europe during the cold war
• USSR: The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics abbreviated to USSR or shortened to the Soviet Union, was a collective state on the Eurasian continent that existed between 1922 and 1991

Cold war: the cold war was a nervous relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union. The two super powers

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