The United Nations : The Treaty Of Versailles Essay

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The United Nations. The name itself rings power. Upon hearing it, one thinks of safety and togetherness. However, we still have wars and live in fear of terrorism. So I wander why this organization exists. To find out why, we must go back to the beginning. It was World War I and chaos and turmoil abound. The Allied nations, in an effort to end the war, wrote the Treaty of Versailles which created the League of Nations. The League’s intent was to govern over the treaty as well as unite nations in hopes to deter future wartime engagements. Germany, Japan, and Italy had other intentions however, and in 1939 the beginning of the Second World War erupted. This caused the League of Nations to dismantle due to its ineffectiveness. In the midst of World War II, as expressed by Noah Rayman in a TIME article, the Allied powers still wanting peace, formed a new entity which will be known as the United Nations (UN) composed of the initial 26 countries of the League of Nations. Even though cynicism about the efforts of the U.N’s. usefulness abounded, people appealed for not only efforts to direct the war, but also for the people of the world to be united. The UN triumphed and in 1945 descended upon San Francisco to “hash out the details of an intergovernmental organization to jointly confront the world problems.” (Rayman, 2014) By the time of the signing of the charter in 1945, the member nations had increased to 51. This conglomerate of nations has many facets of their regime to

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