The United Sates Invasion

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Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, there has been a lot of controversy about the legality of the United Sates invasion. Many war critics claim that it was illegal and ones who caused or contributed to the war should be punished. There has also been many stories of war crimes committed in Iraq. Many soldiers have come back from war apologizing for what they have done. The UN Charter was created after the Second World War to prevent future wars and to promote international peace and security. It states that a nation may only use force if it is an act of self defense to protect its own country or if it gets approval from the UNSC (United Nations Security Council). If a country is a part of the UN, a violation of the UN charter is a violation …show more content…

Their motive was to gain access to the oil fields of Iraq, which are one of the largest in the world. They also proposed to put up permanent military bases in Iraq for more control. It seems as though the U.S did not see Iraq as a threat, but more so as an asset that they wanted to gain control over. On September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks took place on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. This led to the war in Afghanistan. Also during this time period Saddam Hussein was in power of Iraq. The Bush Administration claimed that the invasion was the right thing to do because Hussein was working with the Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden on the 9/11 attacks. They wanted to invade Iraq and stop Hussein. To do this legally however, they must prove that they began the war out of self defense or retaliation, or they must present valid proof and get approval from the United Nations Security …show more content…

U.S intelligence were the first to get their hands on it and sent a “revised” copy to the UN that was only 3 500 pages. Only a few senior UN members saw the official 12 000 page copy. It is believed that the U.S sold Iraq many WMDs prior to the invasion, and it was included in the official report but was removed in the revised report. There is also controversy that the senior officials of the UN who saw the official report were offered bribes giving them profit from the U.S’s control of the oil. Could the Bush Administration have truly believed that their intelligence was valid and that Iraq was a threat? Or was it all fabricated for an ulterior motive? The United States believed that a pre-emptive attack on Iraq was necessary to ensure the safety of themselves and other nations and they believed that Hussein was a serious threat. However, you cannot start a war with another country to prevent them from possibly starting one in the

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