The United States And Foreign Policy Essay

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In contemporary, international society the United States is at the forefront of global affairs. Moreover, scholars have argued that after the First World War, American hegemony led a path for a liberalized world, where cooperation and harmonious institutions unit the world. However, the United States historically has never been this type of hegemonic leader. Rather from their conception as a nation they had a foreign policy which isolated them from foreign affairs of the world, from President Washington to President Glover no president had initiated a war that was not on American soil or for their state 's survival. Thus, after a century of isolationism at the forefront of American foreign policy, what event forced the realization of US dominance in international society? Due to the American victory in the Spanish-American War, the previous principles of isolationism as the foreign policy of the United States was undermined, thus forcing the US to acknowledge their new political status in the global power of states and their cemented hegemonic leadership of the Western hemisphere. Therefore it is the purpose of this essay to analysis and examine the Spanish-American War, President Mckinley’s foreign policy, the American public reaction, the aftermath and the European perception of America 's rise in international society. Moreover, this essay will attempt to analysis the position of America at war and the transition in international status that came as the result.


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