The United States And Health Care

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Early in American history, there was a push for a universal health care plan but the politicians of the day would never allow the federal government that type of power and control. At his time in American history healthcare was thought to be a personal issue or at least an issue that would be left to the states or even smaller government agencies. After World War II many politicians tried and failed to pass a national healthcare plan until Obama Care was passed and forced on the people of the United States. The reality is that Obama care is not even a health insurance plan it just regulates health insurance and forces every citizen to purchase health insurance even if they don’t want to. This paper will show how the United States and health care went from an individual personal rights issue and worked its way from nothing to several different health care plans and finally arriving at Obama Care. Although Obama Care will always be up for debate, since America is always looking for a new and improved health care plan, this will show why the Affordable Care Act is not the best plan for America.
Obamacare is based on the idea that the young and the healthy will purchase insurance plans. Obamacare needs these people that in the past have not typically purchased health insurance to cover the costs of the guarantees that everyone can get health insurance and the promise to lower the premiums the poor or disabled will have to pay. Obama Care will not work due to the fact that it…

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