Albert Beveridge Imperialism

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In the 1900’s, the United States was engaged in a controversial war to gain control of the Philippine Islands. A striking speech Albert J. Beveridge: In Support of an American Empire, strongly advocates the annexation of the Philippine islands to the USA with his most striking points about the senator’s speech which are his three poorly thought out reasons justifying Americans to colonize the Philippines dealing with religion, profit, and race.
Beveridge’s ideas were constructed to be powerful. “And so our government must be simple and strong” (Albert J. Beveridge). He wanted to prevent the competition from other countries, English as the primary language, also a criminal and civil code. One of the reasons for the American imperialism, was the economic profit and the belief of the American supremacy. War between the United States and the Philippines took place in 1899-1902, for imperialism. In favor of a stricter army, there were more troops sent to the archipelago to end the war against a treaty. Albert J. Beveridge had this belief of America having to take the Philippines in order to have control over china.

According to Beveridge’s speech, he believed that Filipino’s were seen as very inadequate people (considered as a not self- governing race). But the Philippines and the United States seemed to be all about profit with the trading. The islands were the base for trade with the East and provided power over the Pacific in case of future wars. They consisted of a
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