The United States And The War Of 1812

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A Developed Nation The United States of America triumphed in the Revolutionary War, emerging as an independent nation. Thereafter, they had an arduous task of building their economy and earning recognition amongst other nations. George Washington, the presiding president, promoted Alexander Hamilton, a thirty-four year old former officer of the Continental Army, as the Secretary of Treasury. He devised plans on how to simultaneously generate revenue and deal with war debts. Inevitably, the United States encountered many disruptions on their road to maturity, including oppositions on Hamilton 's deals by other forefathers and unforeseen wars and rebellions that erupted in the country. Amidst those wars, was the War of 1812, which …show more content…

Hamilton 's goal was to make the new country credit free not debt free. Although Hamilton was a very talented and loveable individual, he had many clashes with the other forefathers. Mainly, Hamilton 's biggest controverters were Thomas Jefferson and James Madison who strongly opposed his idea of investing the war debts. Furthermore, citizens strongly repulsed the tariffs he implemented and protested against them. One such protest, the Whiskey Rebellion, appeared to be an encore of Shay 's Rebellion, a rebellion on the tax of property. When a group of Pennsylvania residents protested John Neville, a stubborn tax collector, the government intervened and quickly dissolved the protest, thus, implementing the ability for the federal government to stand up for civil disorder. The United States ' growing economy and the growth of its strong democratic government quickly publicized their existence globally.
The United States strongly advocated for peaceful relations with other nations and tried to settle disputes or expand their territories only via negotiations, in contrast to war. In 1776, under the Treaty of Paris a vast land of the Great Plains was transferred from France to Spain. However, Spain never controlled or settled the land and decided to sell it to the United States for a tremendous profit. Therefore, the United States sent out the Lewis and Clark Expedition to investigate the land. Lewis and Clark established good relations

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