The United States Constitution Vs. Anti Federalism

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The United States Constitution was written in 1787 during the Philadelphia Convention. This new document was meant to replace the older, weaker Articles of Confederation. This document became the foundation of America’s Government. But as times change so did the document, these changes are known as “Amendments”, the first ten being known simply as “The Bill of Rights”. These two unique sections of the constitution are similar yet serve different purposes. In the early stages of the founding of the United States the largest political issue was federalism vs anti-federalism. The federalist moving for a larger, stronger central government and the anti-federalists moving for a smaller more state oriented government. After the constitution was written many of the Anti-federalists felt that the constitution allotted for too much federal power and lacked emphasis on the rights of the individual. This is when representative and later president James Madison began to make corrections to the constitution. However, congress spoke out that the constitution could not be altered and so Madison’s corrections and additions were presented as seventeen amendments. His amendments were passed through the House and Senate and then on to the states, by the end only ten of Madison’s proposed amendments were ratified. These amendments later became known as the Bill of Rights. These ten rights were to grant the people certain undeniable rights as to prevent the government from slipping into

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