The United States Health Care Public Safety Essay

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Background The United States health care public safety net system largely provides healthcare services to the uninsured and the under insured. However, this vulnerable population still cannot access adequate care and compared to the privately insured population, the uninsured receive less preventative and specialty health care services. The need for safety net providers to improve the delivery and access to care has led to increased funding through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) as well the expanded community health centers (CHCs) (, 2010). Following the passage of the PPACA and increased federal support for the CHCs, the American public health care system witnessed significant changes. Some of these changes include increased access to healthcare, restructurings of private health coverages and containing Medicaid and Medicaid (). One of the key provisions of the PPACA was to extend health care coverage to the uninsured population in the country. Among the most affected are the safety net providers whose sole objective is to provide healthcare services to the uninsured Americans. These providers of last resort have played a critical role in ensuring that even the most vulnerable persons access basic healthcare. Nevertheless, as previous research has shown, access to preventative and specialty care among the uninsured still remains a challenge. Very few studies have identified how safety net providers have impacted maternal and infant
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