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The United States of America continues to confront a lack of electorate participation in political elections, which has seen the number decline to around 58 percent in the 2012 presidential election. In the state that has been seen by many as the template for a liberal democracy what explains the absence of participation by its citizen in one of the most fundamental exercises in democracy. With each attempt to included marginalized sectors of society – the 19th Amendment passed in 1920 giving women universal suffrage, the 1965 Voting Rights Act protecting African-Americans right to vote, and the 26th Amendment giving 18 year old the right to vote – voter percentage turnout has not increase and data actually shows a slight decrease in certain instances. Countless efforts to explain the absence of a large portion of the population concentrates on single ideas as the cause. I turn to rational choice theory as the main determination factor, which brings many of the single causes together, of whether an individual decides to cast a vote and participate as an electorate member of society.
What is the Rational Choice Theory? Rational choice theory foundation rests on
“….”fundamental equation” of political behavior, which is that preferences (or attitudes, beliefs, values) determine behavior. Rational choice theory is about just how those preferences determine behavior.”
The variables that are used to determine how an individual’s behavior effects his decisions to vote

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