The United States Of The World War II Essay

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On December 7th, 1941, the United States of America was heaved into World War II after Japan attacked the American naval convoy in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The next day after the Japanese’s surprise attack, America and Great Britain both declared war on Japan. The Second World War was histories greatest and most noteworthy armed conflict. It served as the environment for the current arrangement of security and intellect, and for the postwar power stability that shaped the agenda for the Cold War. World War II partook with around 50 allied nations, one of the most renowned was The United States of America.3 The American industry provided almost two-thirds of all of the allied military equipment produced during the war, and because of this, in four years alone, Americas industrial production doubled in size even with it already being the largest at the time. After the attack, everyday living throughout the nation was considerably affected. Normal goods such as food, gas, and clothing were rationed heavily.1 The communities created scrap metal drives and changed the standard role of women in order to build necessary weaponries to win the war.1 Even though America was experiencing great economic growth, undoubtedly this war and its associated atrocities would have a death toll of around 50 million military and civilian peoples, in the military deaths alone The United States of America lost 400,000.1 World War II not only disturbed the economy of the United States, but it also
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