The Unrealistic Standards Of Beauty

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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." This is an old saying my grandmother would say to me growing up. I was taught my beauty depended on my perspective. I was taught to accept and love myself as I am. In the past decades, beauty standards didn't require much from girls, and the culture taught girl to accept their appearance. However, This self acceptance twisted as the years went, from generation to generation. The society set unrealistic standards of beauty across the world. This new occurrence has aroused, in many people, anxiety, low self-esteem, and low self-confidence in many people. Most of these negative emotions stem from unhappiness regarding physical appearance. In the past decades, women made significant strides. There has …show more content…

Unrealistic beauty standards have evolved over time, and once even had an evolutionary basis. According to (Goehring 1999), in our “evolutionary past…the reproductive's best interest is to find a female who is healthy, and attractive.” Observable physical characteristics must be used to define what is healthy and therefore indicative of procreation in a potential mate, “hence the evolution of preferences in the dimensions of age, skin completion, and body shape” (Modern Standards of Beauty: Nature or Nurture?) The beauty ideal in many cultures around the world had, for a long time, been a "thin" body. To achieve the thin body, large populations of ‘average’ girls do not demonstrate clinically diagnosable eating disorders pathologies that the culture marks as extreme and unhealthy, but rather an entirely normative obsession with body shape and size (Ariel Cutter). However, The trend of today, which is a relatively new occurrence, is to achieve the curvy Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner look. In doing so, women have went under the knife. The beauty standards in American culture are established through media. “We are constantly surrounded by all sorts of media and we construct our identities in part through media images we see, (Jenner Cassy). And the more girls are exposed to thin-ideal kinds of media, the more they are dissatisfied with their bodies and with themselves overall. Beauty

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