The Unsolved Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle

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Did you know, over 1000 lives have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle over the last century? Jasper A.B Gilbert, I am a world renowned Historian. I have been Hired by the Unsolved Mysteries Society to develop a research paper. This research paper will be exploring the unsolved mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Known facts, theories that have been presented, which theories have the most support, unexplained aspects will all be showcased in this paper.

History of the Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is a mythical section of the Atlantic Ocean between Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. Each strech is approximately 1,000 miles long. Since 1918, hundreds of planes and boats have mysteriously disappeared in the …show more content…

Extraterrestrials get blamed for just about everything unexplainable these days and the Bermuda Triangle is no exception. Supporters of this theory believe that the area is occupied by extraterrestrials. A notion that has been boosted by many works of literature and film adopting this theory. In my opinion, this theory is not very realistic, and again has no real scientific support.
The Story of The USS Cyclops
USS Cyclops was a massive naval carrier ship and supplied fuel to the American fleet during World War I. The 522-foot Cyclops displaced 12,000 tons of water. On January 8, 1918, the ship started sail from Norfolk Navy port towards Rio of Brazil under the command of Lieutenant Commander G. Worley. The ship was 8 years old, which is young for a ship. The purpose of this voyage was to unload coal at Rio and load Manganese ores used mainly for making steel. On January 28, the ship reached Rio. And as planned, large amounts of coal were unloaded, and 10,000 tons of Manganese ores were loaded onto the ship. On the day of the Cyclops departure, 73 local sailors were asked to board the ship. The American Consulate General of Rio, Alfred L. M. Gottschalk also boarded the ship. Cyclops set sail again and was scheduled to reach Baltimore on March 13th. But, the Carrier ship was never heard of again. When the ship did not reach Baltimore as scheduled, a massive search was launched. Every naval ship from

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