Christopher Columbus 's Discovery Of The Disoriented Magnetic Compass Off The South Eastern Coast Of United States

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I. INTRO: A. Attention Getter: Since Christopher Columbus’s discovery of the disoriented magnetic compass off the South-Eastern coast of the United States, more than 1000 people have vanished into what is called The Bermuda Triangle. For centuries, many have reasoned with their fears of the unknown only to coin it a mythical second name, The Devil’s triangle. B. Statement of Credibility: Through vast studying of oceanic research articles, I have found that the media overwhelms the general public with dramatic myth stories in such a way that the truth rarely makes it to readers. Scientist have now proven a methane gas hypothesis has been a major contributor to ships and planes losing their density needs. C. Thesis Statement: In …show more content…

4. Size a. The triangle is 500,000 square miles. 5. Ocean floor a. 18,000 feet deep with turbulent streams. 6. Weather a. Tropical cyclones are very powerful and have claimed over 1,000 lives. 7. Gas explosions a. H. J. Gruy reports, methane hydrates released from the ocean floor creates a wide body of gas that dramatically reduces the density of water making it impossible to float on. TRANSITION: This concentrated area of the ocean is very complex. Let’s now examine a few of the more populated disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. B. Famous plane crashes and shipwrecks that remain a mystery to this day. 1. Flight 19 a. Losing communications to the United States Navy, 14 airmen died after they became disoriented. b. In a rescue effort, using a flying boat, 13 more men would lose their lives searching for the wreckage of Flight 19. 2. USS Cyclops a. Since March 4 1918, the disappearance of the USS Cyclops remains the largest single loss of life at sea not relating to combat. b. 306 crew and passengers disappeared without a trace to this day. 3. Sister ships of USS Cyclops a. USS Proteus departed in high seas and disappeared with 58 people on board. b. After Proteus disappeared, USS Nereus also sailed into the triangle. 61 people on board along with the ship disappeared. TRANSITION: Many myths have inspired scientist to discover the real reasons of disappearances. There are many logical causes from human error, storms and even gases. But

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