The Upper Middle Class : Great Impact On The Whole Society

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Our society is divided into many different classes in order to distinguish people by their classes. However, we also divided each level inside each classes, such as the middle class has three different classes, lower-middle class, middle-middle class, and upper-middle class. Those classes inside a class also represent some kind of social problems as a whole. Recently there has been a hot topic whether the upper middle class has great impact on the whole society. The gap between the upper middle class and the rest of the middleman has become wider and wider because of incomes, education, families, and marriages. Since the gap is widening, it creates an unbalanced social class system and brings up some side-effects which ultimately may ruin the whole country. As we know, the first thing to distinct a person’s class is his or her income. As Reeve’s observed, he found that the three different classes inside the middle class, upper class, middle “half”, and bottom “half”. He said that according to the recent research, “incomes in the upper middle class are rising relative to the rest of the distribution” (Reeve, 2015). The Great Recession that happened during 2007 to 2009 brought plenty of families down and almost destroyed them, people said the middle class was affected the most. However, not many people know that there are classes in side a class; the upper middle class revered from the Great Recession pretty soon and kept increasing their wealth while the rest of the middle

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