The Usa Patriot Policy Paper

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The USA Patriot policy paper University of Phoenix The USA Patriot policy paper The Patriot policy developed, after the horrible events of 9/11 attacks. It was in power to ensure that Americans would never have to deal with a tragedy as such again happening, to our beloved society and citizens. That we will protect and secure from the United States enemies and will be better equip, to prevent threats and attacks that are foreign and domestic. A paper we will discuss our point, of view of the Patriot Act and the related legislation that deal with the following areas. Like the Societal implications of the USA PATRIOT law and similar legislation limiting daily behaviors. Next are the worries associated to race, ethnicity, sexual…show more content…
This law gives companies that are private more flexibility to report public information about the number of national security demands for surveillance they obtain. It needs declassification with the FISA courts and their view that deals with the legal ruling also a summary if they cannot get the declassification. It made to stop interpretation that secret like the one that granted the massive collection of their phone records of the United States. Also, have transparency, it will let the people know if any of these powers is abused granting the private companies, to be able to release more information also acts of surveillance. The law on the freedom act will also give a judicial review of any gag orders, which has to deal with any request from the NSL’s. This law helps citizens put their mind at ease with the patriot act. It violations of privacy rights bring balance, to society again and obtain freedom back to the people. Nevertheless, at the same time help, law enforcement agencies still have the tools; they need to fight to protect the United States from any enemies and their threat to attack our society (Ken Dilanian, 2015). Worries associated to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, and beliefs as they identify with police agencies and security services There is a yes and no answer to be concerned the patriot act does, unjustly target communities that are minority also immigrant. For the reason that it gives the police and other law enforcement
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