The Use Of Art Therapy After Disaster

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Art Therapy after Disaster Lori A. Davis Current Trends in Art Therapy Professor Orr July 3, 2015 Abstract The use of art therapy after a disaster is an emerging approach to dealing with trauma. Disaster can result from natural events, manmade events, personal events, or a combination of any of these. Adults, families, and communities go through considerable suffering during disaster and deal with many trauma related symptoms and issues. Children experience trauma in dissimilar ways and are usually helped the least. Adult treatment procedures, in some respects, are similar to those for children. However, they have distinctions. Group therapy has been found beneficial for all survivors. Art therapy for adults, …show more content…

al, 2014). Individuals who have experienced a traumatic event often experience psychological stress. This is believed to be a common reaction to an unusual situation. However, it can be much worse. There are issues that influence how severe and how long the trauma lasts. They include how strong the threat to life was felt; how strong the bereavement and loss was; how long and sever were the stressors; how long was the displacement from the familiar; how death, injury, destruction, and social disruption was handled; how the moral issues were treated; and what were the aftereffects for the community (Gonzalez-Dolginko, 2001). After a disaster, an individuals may feel that they are unable to regain control of their life. The symptoms may be experienced for a long time. This may result in the need to seek professional help. The DSM IV of the APA (2001) describes symptoms or behaviors that may occur. The list includes repeated thoughts or nightmares, trouble sleeping, changes in eating, increased anxiety, intense fear, over-alertness. There can also be overwhelming depression, low energy, memory lapses, feeling “scattered”, numbness, inability to focus. The inability to face the trauma and an avoidance of the event can also be seen. Children have been found to be one of the least helped after a disaster. The symptoms that children may exhibit can include depression, anxiety, aggression, regression, and/or withdraw. They can also be

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