The Use Of Colors In The Great Gatsby

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Colors are everywhere. They are used as a form of identity, as an influential tool, and even to communicate mood. In the book “The Great Gatsby”, Fitzgerald expresses the feelings of each character differently through the use of colors. They help the reader understand and analyze the various situations throughout the book. One character to which many colors are connected is Jay Gatsby, a wealthy mansion owner living in West Egg of Long Island. While in the process of trying to win back a girl he had known in years past, Gatsby gets himself caught up in everything and eventually gets himself killed. Although, without the use of colors it would have made the story bland and less exotic. The colors yellow, white, and blue all closely relate to Gatsby and his feelings towards many of the characters in “The Great Gatsby”. Yellow, one of the most common colors in the book, is used by Fitzgerald as a sign of caution to Myrtle through Gatsby’s big yellow car. In Chapter Seven multiple characters go into the city including Gatsby and Daisy who had driven Tom’s car while Tom, Nick, and Jordan drove Gatsby’s yellow car. Soon thereafter, the group decided to get a suite at the Plaza Hotel where Tom creates a scuffle with Gatsby. At that point, Tom said that he and Daisy have had a past together that Gatsby could not believe. As Tom, Nick, and Jordan were driving back to Long Island, they discovered a terrible detriment. In the book it says, “The “death car” as the newspapers called

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