The Use Of Marijuana And Its Effects On Education

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(S) This worker met with the Goodman family, Diana parent A, Shannon parent B, and their child Derek, for a follow up due the original reported concerns of substance (marijuana) use by the child. During this meeting, Parent A reported further concerns of substance use, and states that she had discovered, “An ounce” of marijuana within Derek’s belongings. Parent A also reported continued concerns of low academic and recreational activity performance from Derek, and states, “He just doesn’t care.” Parent A, also mentioned that she is feeling unsupported by Parent B, stating that parent B and the child, Derek, are smoking marijuana together. Parent B, reported that she did not see any areas of concern in regards to Derek’s continued drug use, …show more content…

Parent B, did however appear more resistant towards parent A throughout the meeting and attempted to argue against parent A, as she spoke of the legal concerns with Derek possibly being caught with marijuana. Derek was more outspoken that he has been in previous meeting, and portrayed an oppositional demeanor when spoken to, as he questioned this worker with a negative attitude, when asked about his participation in sports. Derek appeared to be empowered by parent B’s behavior and lack of concern regarding his use of marijuana, as he attempted to validate his actions through parent B’s carefree demeanor. Derek did acknowledge parent A’s concerns regarding his use of marijuana, however, quickly disregarded them as parent B interrupted parent A stating, “Its okay son, I’ve got your back” As legal implication that could possibly stem from the use of marijuana by both Derek and parent A, were discussed both parent A, and Derek appeared defensive as they sat taller in their chairs and spoke louder. (A) Parent A still appears to be having difficulties in finding support from her spouse. Parent A also appears to be frustrated and confused with the choices of parent B. The shared use of marijuana by parent B and Derek, also appears to be adding to the division between her and Derek, that Parent A had expressed in previous meeting. Though the use of

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