The Use Of Technology In Education

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In today’s society technology plays a major factor. Technology being used as a tool for people to improve their surroundings. People having quick and easy to large amount of information. With the rapid growth of technology, schools and teacher have added online learning to the classroom. Classrooms around the world have implemented many different forms of technology to enhance student interest and achievement. Using methods such as online testing, online reading assignments, research information and many others. Even used for something as simple as a calculator. The use of technology in school nowadays have become inevitable but some may argue that the increase use of technology haves harmed the development and learning of the students. Many people wondering does the use of technology in a class actual help the student learn? Technology being used to in enhance traditional teaching methods. Schools and teachers are constantly coming up with new ideas to make their classrooms more technology-friendly for the students. Transform the classroom with the use of technology. One way many schools have transform the classroom with technology is the adding of “SmartBoards.” The Smartboard, also known as the Interactive White Board (IWB), has been in used in class to able a more enjoyable to using the board in class. Many wonder if the use the IWB is beneficial to the learning of students. Nezih Önal , who is an Asstissiant Professor at Omer Halisdemir University located in Niğde,

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