The Importance Of Technology In Education

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For years people have been searching for a more efficient way to learn; ways such as flashcards, textbooks, and agendas. Unfortunately, these techniques are not always reliable, or easy to access. Luckily, due to recent tests, educators have discovered that the use of technology has surprisingly proved as a more effective class source. After this study many schools and educators began to use technology as an everyday in-class resource, but there are still many teachers who fail to see technology’s impact. Those who do not use technology do not realize that technology can be compatible and convenient in any environment, is constantly being updated with new resources, and it helps give students a better understanding of a specific class …show more content…

School text books may sometimes be outdated and moth eaten. With technology though, scholars are also able to receive a course’s instruction. When using a school device students are able to access specific class simulations and details. These internet programs are beneficial by including the needed basic class elements as well as always being updated with the newest information (Stacey Kole). With up to date statistics and data, being able to communicate, create slideshows, and research is easier and more reliable (Linda Starr). Many studies have been done in order to prove that students enjoy the use of online resources. One survey claimed that 59.6% of students say that they would prefer more technology material in their classes. When undergoing another survey, 53.6% of the students suggested online note taking as well as 46.4% who said more lesson videos (“Technology in Education”). Finding resources that students enjoy creates a positive atmosphere in the classroom as well as making sure students can work with ease. Being

Thorburn 3 able to acquire the latest and greatest school materials provides valid sources for scholars and makes things less time consuming.
On top of that, technology helps give students a better understanding of the specific class course. Although schools must make large payments in order to have up to date technology; the students and teachers have benefited greatly from

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